Five Melbourne Cup Party Games

Melbourne Cup

Every year the race that stops the nation gives us the opportunity to activate our out-of-office notification and have some fun with our colleagues at the annual office Melbourne Cup party.

Whether you’ll be watching the race at the office with some share platters and cheeky beverages or you’ve got a function venue booked, take your 2018 Melbourne Cup event to the next level with these hilarious Melbourne Cup party ideas.

Melbourne Cup Party Idea 1. Office Chair Race

Before the Melbourne Cup race officially starts, you can have your own competition using office chairs as horses and a group of confident colleagues as jockeys. The rest of the office can put bets on who they think might win.

Create a circular race track similar to the one at the Melbourne Cup or just use whatever space is available to you. If lots of people want to be involved you could always have a relay race. Make sure you clear the ‘track’ get all valuables like computers out of the way before you fire the starting gun.

Melbourne Cup Party Idea 2.     Horse Shoe Quoits

Quoits is a traditional game that dates all the way back to ancient Greece. It is relatively simple and can be enjoyed by everyone in the office without anyone having to go to too much effort.

The Game is simple; all players have to do is pitch a horseshoe at vertical spikes that are at a reasonable distance away.  If you have access to an outdoor area, this sport is commonly played on grass. If you have booked an indoor function venue for your Melbourne Cup office party, let the staff know ahead of time that you’ll be playing and they may be able to help you clear space and get set up.

Melbourne Cup Party Idea 3.    Pin the tail on the racehorse

This game is fairly self-explanatory, it is essentially pin the tail on the donkey but with a racehorse. This game sounds simple but it is actually a lot of fun, especially after your second glass of bubbly. Making the racehorse DIY style won’t take too much time or effort, and it is also relatively inexpensive.

Melbourne Cup Party Idea 4.    Fashion Walk Off

Encourage everyone to dress up for your Melbourne Cup event. Host a fashion show on the day and have everyone perform their best catwalk model impression. Pick a few people to judge the event and present awards for categories such as best dressed male, best-dressed Female, and Best Cat Walker.

Melbourne Cup Party Idea 5.    Hat Making Competition

A hat making competition will give everyone the chance to get creative on Melbourne Cup Day. Set up a craft table and watch as everyone goes crazy with the glue gun and sparkles. When everyone has made a hat they can show them off in a Melbourne Cup fashion show and the person with the best hat receives a prize.

If you really want to pull out all the stops you could also hire someone to teach a flower crown making workshop. This way everyone will be able to make something they are actually proud of and happy to wear.

Melbourne Cup 2018

Let us take the hassle out of organising your Melbourne Cup event. Our guide to Melbourne Cup 2018 is coming soon.

Melbourne Cup Fashion Tips 2019

Melbourne Cup Fashion Tips: 5 Simple Rules

Want to avoid the myriad of fashion faux pas racing down the track at this year’s Melbourne Cup? As one of the biggest social events in your whole calendar, everyone wants to feel confident in what they’re wearing for the race that stops the nation. And whether your celebrations are on the track itself, or in at a private function venue, there are certain expectations that go along with the day.

Dodge the minefield of ‘what is she wearing’ dresses and ‘what on earth is that thing’ fascinators with our top 5 rules for your Melbourne Cup attire – including what you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Melbourne Cup

Fashion Tip #1: Know what’s ‘in’

Ready for some research? Rest easy, cause we’re not going to ask you for the square root of pi; all you have to do is spend some time googling what’s in, what’s out, and what’s never, ever been anywhere close to fashionable. For example, spring colours tend to be big and bright, so don’t be dull. You might also look in to ditching the fascinator for a metallic headpiece or wide-brimmed hat. Check out our Melbourne Cup fashion tips while you’re at it!

Melbourne Cup

Fashion Tip #2: Accessorising is everything

Guys, take it from us – a colourful pocket square and some shiny cufflinks (yes, we’re basically crows) will make all the difference. Girls, this is where hoarding all those pairs of earrings finally pay off, so pull out your statement jewellery, headpieces, and bold lipstick to really make that outfit pop.

Melbourne Cup

Fashion Tip #3: Be bold

Melbourne Cup is all about making big, bold statements, so don’t be boring! Dream big, shop bigger, and push the boundaries when it comes to your wardrobe, makeup, or hair. Trust us – watching those jaws hit the floor makes all the work worth it!

Melbourne Cup

Fashion Tip #4: Think classy

This isn’t your average day on the green, girls! Take those dresses to an elegant knee length, keep the exposed skin to a tasteful amount, and think fancy thoughts (you can veg in your PJs tomorrow). We know it can be a pain to hobble around in the heels that make your calves look like sculted marble, so make sure you wear in those shoes before the day. Your feet will thank you.

Melbourne Cup

Fashion Tip #5: Wear something you love

After all the hard work you put in to looking fabulous, you’ll want a walk by a mirror to plaster the biggest grin of the year on your face. You deserve to feel like a million dollars – so make sure you love what you’re wearing as much as everyone else is sure to!

Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup 2019: Events Coming Soon

My, oh my, time really does fly when you’re having fun, and just like that Melbourne Cup has gone and snuck up on us again.  Enjoy cocktails and canapés or an elegant sit down meal. Don’t get caught with a long face – our range of top events for Melbourne Cup 2019 will be announced soon.